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Welcome to our support center.

Phone 707-541-6566, Monday-Friday 8am-5pm Pacific time.


 TEC cash register programming manuals.

  These program/owners manuals are in PDF format, you will need "adobe acrobat" 5.0 or newer to view them.

  Free Owners/Programming Manuals.

  TEC MA-156 owner/programming manual. Click here

  TEC MA-186 programming manual. Click here

  TEC MA-516 owner/programming manual. Click here

  Buy these Programming manuals $14.95 ea.

These manuals are in PDF format, you will receive an e-mail with username and password to download the manual, you will not receive a hard copy in the mail.  To view these manuals you will need  Adobe Acrobat Reader version 5 or newer installed on you computer to view/copy them.  After successful completion of the transaction we will email the username and password to access the programming manual you have purchased.

Disclaimer:  These manuals are written for TEC programmers, we make no guarantee as to the usability for end users, use them at your own risk.
TEC MA 1350 Complete Program Manual
TEC MA 1450 Complete Program Manual, standard keyboard
TEC MA 1650 Complete program manual, Standard keyboard
TEC FS 1450 Complete program manual, Flat keyboard
TEC FS 1650 Complete program manual, Flat keyboard



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